Behind the Scenes Video Series Launched by nDreams

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nDreams are an award winning VR developer and publisher founded in 2006. Since the early days of a single employee, the company founder, they have grown into a team of over eighty industry professionals. Their lineage comes from studios such as Lionhead, Rocksteady, Supermassive Games and Square Enix. They deliver premium interactive experiences and the new behind the scenes video series launched by nDreams will allow a glimpse behind the curtain of games jobs. Talent Director and Co-Founder Tamsin O’Luanaigh kicks off the series today by examining the company culture.

In a bid to expand on their ethos of collaboration and transparency, the series will chronicle several aspects of the business in the hopes of capturing the attention of customers and potential employees who find the appeal of an inclusive and supportive workplace too tantalising a prospect to pass up. If you’ve ever wanted to break into the industry, then this is for you. Trust us, nDreams has been a close partner for Aardvark Swift for years!

You can find the video below and the accompanying blog post explaining the inspiration for, and the direction of, the series can be found here.



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