Aardvark Swift Partnering with training firm Academy Class

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Aardvark Swift + Academy Class Training

We’re now offering leading training & accreditation services for studios and individuals

We’re partnering with one of the top training providers in the UK. With the recent article in MCV about the technical skills shortage & Grads in Games Finals Day last month, our thoughts are firmly centred on the future of the video games industry.

As a recruitment agency we speak to candidates and companies every day. We get a real feel for the health of the industry and potential challenges. Between diversity issues, potential Brexit fallout, industry issues with crunch and professional development, plus competition from other industries, there are some major potential challenges ahead. However, we truly believe that these challenges can be overcome!

Head over to aswift.training now to check out the full range of courses on offer.

Who are Academy Class?

Academy Class are market-leading providers of training for developers and designers. Their portfolio includes accredited courses for Unity, Autodesk and Adobe products. There is also access to courses that focus on Unreal Engine 4, HoloLens, Maxon, ZBrush, and much more. For an industry, for the most part, created and run by creatives there are courses in fundamental business skills like leadership, conflict resolution and marketing.

Why are Aardvark partnering with Academy Class?

With the Grads in Games initiative, we have been investing in the industry’s future for several years now. Increasing the level and quality of communication between industry and education & ensuring that graduates get the training they need and that studios realise the wealth of amazing talent out there!

However, learning does not stop when you start work. In games we have a fast-moving industry, working with rapidly evolving technologies. As a recruiter we believe in creating careers, not just filling jobs. Helping candidates and clients access training and development seemed like an obvious step.

What does this mean for Candidates & Clients?

We believe that this training partnership has advantages for all our candidates and clients.

For candidates, the presence of an accredited qualification on their CV makes a real difference to any job application and can make getting an interview that much more likely. It is immediate proof of skills and salary offers will tend to be higher accordingly.

Whether you are a graduate looking to add to their degree or a veteran looking to keep their skills up to date with the latest technology it is an incredible resource. Just as importantly, we can provide training in interpersonal and business development skills that employers are seeking, including leadership and conflict resolution training to make the leap from Senior or Lead is that much easier.

For our clients, the continual training and professional development of staff is vital, not just in terms of staying competitive, but also to encourage retention and show that skills and career development is valued. With smaller studios and indies often facing funding pressures, there is a real struggle to offer external training. The ability to put together bespoke programmes; with the flexibly of office visits; live online tutoring; on-demand video; or visiting a classroom opens up training that the studio would have difficulty accessing.

Visit our training site now to check out the full range of courses on offer here.

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