New Year, New Career?

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Welcome to 2018, and a world bubbling with possibilities for your future. January 7th is National Job Hunting Day and since 2013 it has inspired millions of people to start looking for their next challenge. Drawing on the energy of a New Year to inspire a hunger for improvement and change, this is a resolution that can really make a difference to your New Year, New You.

Why Now?

Coming back from the holidays gives us all some perspective. Holiday bonuses give us an idea of how we are valued at work, and whether we return to work feeling energised and hungry for more, or needing to hibernate a little longer can tell us if we want something new.

While we take stock of our physical health it is also an ideal time to update your CV, look at your Google footprint, assess the skills you have gained in the past 12 months and who you need to be networking with.

Most importantly, NOW is a great time to start looking because employers have also started looking.

What Changes for Employers?

January and February represent a fresh start for many companies. It is a time for the setting of new budgets, detailing plans, as well as assessing and assigning resources to projects. They are also aware that just after the Christmas bonus period is when many potential candidates will consider moving jobs. Add to this the fact that there are no distractions from deadlines and it makes the start of the year an ideal time to look at what talent is available.

From a candidate’s point of view this means

  • Companies have more time for CVs and resumés to be reviewed, and for you to get noticed
  • Employers are actively looking for personnel to fill skill gaps
  • A fresh budget puts you in a far better bargaining position

What to do?

If you read the start of this article and thought, “I didn’t know that” we recommend you get in touch with us. Just like hiring a personal trainer to help you deal with the Christmas excess, some expert advice can make all the difference:

  • Providing expert advice on your CV or portfolio
  • Advice on improving your LinkedIn Profile and online presence
  • Getting employers to see you not just your CV
  • Relationships to get your CV to the top of the pile
  • Access to roles that do not make it to the Job Sites
  • Helping to keep you motivated
  • Dealing with boring paperwork so you do not have to

We are here to make your job seeking experience as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Inspired by the idea of National Job Hunting Day, be sure to check-out our Career Zone for hints and advice on getting yourself, your CV or your portfolio fit for 2018.

Happy New Year

Image used by kind permission of Rob Gallop


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