Mobile Games Awards 2018: Aardvark Swift Nominated for Best Recruitment Agency!

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Barely has 2018 gotten started and Aardvark Swift is already up for another award!

Having taken top honours with TIGA in 2016 for Best Recruitment Agency, last year for Best Service Provider and Recruiter Winner at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards in 2017, we’re now nominated for high honours as Best Recruitment Agency in the fast-moving world of mobile gaming.

Brand New Awards

January 23rd sees the inaugural Mobile Games Awards taking place at the prestigious BAFTA Piccadilly venue as the climax to this year’s Pocket Gamer Connects Conference. Steel Media’s celebration of mobile gaming, sponsored by Game Insight, App Onboard, and Nazara Games, intended to shine a light on every part of the mobile games ecosystem. From game developers and publishers, through advertising and monetisation companies, to tool-makers and support companies that enable the magic to happen.

Smartphones are firmly established as a ubiquitous part of everyday life, and probably the world’s most widely owned gaming platform. It is hard to underestimate the driving force that mobile games, and the talent behind them, have brought to the industry, the games we play and the way we play them.

Everyone has a favourite app to help pass the time as they travel or wait in a queue. However, like so much of the games industry, people are hard-pressed to name the talent behind their favourite titles.

Having Our Say

“Awards like this really help give credit where it’s due” Simon Hope, Director at Aardvark Swift, “as a recruiter it’s at the core of what we do. Making sure that candidates feel like more than just another CV and that clients are recognised as communities where someone can make a home and build a career.”

“It’s always an honour to be nominated, especially with competition being so intense.”  Ian Goodall, Managing Director at Aardvark Swift, “However, to win an inaugural award certainly has a ring of history to it.”


Above & Beyondmga-category-indie400x400-300x300

Not satisfied with simply competing for awards, Aardvark Swift is proud to be doubling down on our commitment to fostering talent in the industry with our Indie Recruitment Service by sponsoring the award for Best Indie Developer!

This adds to our work with the Search for a Star, Rising Star and Catalyst initiatives. Our constant work with universities, publishers and developers to nurture talent and raise standards. Something we believe sets us apart from the competition and is a big reason we are shortlisted for so many industry awards.

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