The best places to work in the games industry have been announced!

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Best Places to Work Awards

After a hefty load of surveys from studios up and down the country, the best places to work in the UK games industry have been revealed!

These are the studios which go the extra mile to keep their staff happy, and the most coveted companies which developers will more than happily relocate for. It’s these studios which we should all strive towards to create an overall more progressive industry which attracts and retains top talent in the UK.

“From the perspective of a recruiter, quality of life, working environment and real, meaningful benefits are all becoming increasingly important when we’re speaking to candidates.” says Ian Goodall, Managing Director of Aardvark Swift.

“As a recruiter, we love studios with unique selling points. They really help us to sell your studio. And, in a market where demand is massively outstripping supply, any studio which doesn’t put a lot of thought into their benefits package isn’t giving themselves a good chance of hiring and retaining the best people.”

Congratulations to all the winners, including our good friends Wish Studios, Playground Games, d3t Criterion and Hutch Games!

You can see the full list of winners, along with details of what makes these studios stand out over at

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