In the spotlight: Offworld Industries

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Fancy a move to Canada?

Following a highly successful kickstarter which captured their loyal community and raised over three times the asked amount, Offworld Industries are in the process of developing their highly anticipated flagship title, Squad.

The studio formed around the group responsible the highly successful “Project Reality” mod for EA’s Battlefield franchise. Now, the team are developing Squad, an exciting 50 vs 50 multiplayer first-person shooter which aims to capture combat realism through communication, large-scale coordination and tactics.

With such an ambitious title in the works it should come to no surprise that Offworld Industries are looking for the best of the best in order to deliver on the much-deserved hype and anticipation their debut title has garnered.

Aardvark Swift are excited to be partnering with Offworld Industries, who’re currently looking for Senior and Lead programmers with 4-6 years’ experience to join their close-knit team in their Vancouver-based studio!

The right work environment can have countless benefits to your mental and physical health, and Offworld Industries are a studio who value the contributions of each individual working at the company, and as a result, share their success with everyone involved.

Our company culture is built around making sure everyone shares in the success of the company. We offer periodic long vacations and project based bonuses as well as a completely open work schedule based on hitting our goals.” – Offworld Industries website.

This could be your chance to make a real, meaningful impact on a game’s development and influence the young studio’s growth.

Canada may not be on the doorstep for most…. but if you’re not already based in the incredibly scenic Vancouver with thriving art and music scenes, no problem! Offworld Industries will do their utmost to bring the right candidates to them, including help with your Visa application and relocation support fees – they’ll even help you with finding a house!

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