What I Wish I Knew When Applying For My First Grad Job

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While learning how to make a knock-out CV and what’re the best questions to ask during an interview are important, there are simply some things most people don’t learn until they apply for a jobs themselves. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but luckily for you we spoke to some recent graduates and asked them what they wish they’d been told when applying for their very first grad jobs so that you can learn from their hard-earned wisdom.

Start early!

It’s never too early to start thinking about graduate jobs. Never. Graduation will come faster than you expect, and you’d probably prefer to have a job lined up when you leave university than sit at home applying for jobs all day. The earlier you start applying, the more people you’ll be ahead of.

Work on your Google Footprint

Many people scrutinise over their CVs, but all that hard work is lost if you haven’t thought about your online presence. Privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter are your best friend – while it might not be ideal, at least consider upping the settings while you apply, you can always lower them after you land a job!

Make your name shine on Google. You want employers to be pleasantly surprised in what they find when they search your name, not put off. Comment on articles, provide quotes and write guest blogs! It’s all about marketing yourself as a well-rounded individual.

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