OK Computer – The Rise Of Coding In The Toy Industry

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Teaching children how to code through play isn’t a new or innovative idea; however, in the last year alone we’ve seen these toys evolve from the specialist niche sector and break into the mainstream in a very real way, so what’s changed?

In short, we’re looking at a major skill shortage in the UK that needs addressing. A review published by Computerworld stated that in just a few years’ time we’ll be seeing a shortage of 300,000 digitally skilled workers in the London area alone.

While competitions such as Aardvark Swift’s Search For A Star aim to develop students’ programming abilities at later stages of education, more needed to be done at the younger years. To tackle this, the start of the September 2014 school year saw England become the first G20 country to add coding to its national curriculum.

You can read the full article over at Toynews. 

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