Record Number Of Students Submit Round Two Search For A Star Work

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Sumo Digital Rising Star

Our sister site Grads in Games have been busy with our Search For A Star competition – a record breaking 118 students have submitted a range of games, 3D artwork, animations and VFX work for the second round of Search For A Star & Sumo Digital Rising Star.

Over forty members of the games industry have come together and volunteered to mark these submissions, including judges from Sumo Digital, Playground Games, Boss Alien, nDreams, Splash Damage and more.

Coding students were given a limited 2D space simulator and were challenged to improve the game in any way they saw fit. Having full creative freedom, a number of students added multiplayer options and leader boards, while some very ambitious students overhauled the sci-fi theme into a fantasy setting.

Art students were tasked with creating 3D art based on Unreal Tournament concept art, creating varying animations following a brief using a rigged character, or designing their very own projectile using VFX software. More detailed information on what students were asked to do can be found here.

After our judges have marked our students’ work, ten code students and 12 art students will be chosen to move onto round three during Finals Day, where they will undergo an industry-style interview in front of five specially picked judges from industry.

There’s a massive amount of competition for graduate positions, and there are many more universities doing game specific courses than there used to be.” says Lizi Attwood, a founding member of Search For A Star and round two code judge.

People are looking for a little bit of passion, and extracurricular stuff outside of university helps a lot with this. Entering competitions, creating and publishing your own games – these are all ways of making yourself stand out from the crowd. This is really what we’re trying to offer with the competition.” Lizi says.

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