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Freelance Animator – Farnborough

Focusing exclusively on the VR platforms, this studio are at the frontier of new hardware and innovative methods of implementation. A new and increased sense of depth allows for creative and innovative ways to ramp up the perception animation, bringing immersion and motion to the forefront of VR. They’re looking for someone that sees the potential in VR and to apply themselves to the studios goal of trail blazing fresh, creative and immersive uses of every discipline, to converge on truly innovative games and experiences.

Key Objectives

  • Concepting or Visualizing animation direction, based off known reference materials
  • Having a stake in the early development of animation styles to ensure both visual quality as much as technical compliance or relevance to both the game and hardware
  • Help push the legibility as well as stylistic qualities within each animation set
  • Work extremely closely with the Lead Animator and Lead Character Artist to assist and see through the creation various characters or animation set pieces
  • Help define motion planning and the implementation process of various characters and their respective responsiveness


  • Have a fundamental understanding of animation, timing and weighting
  • Show a strong working knowledge of traditional and digital 2D and 3D animation
  • Demonstrate a strong technical aptitude and knowledge base for appropriate software and real-time engine use, Maya, UE4, Unity for example
  • Have experience with motion planning and the creation of locomotion animation sets
  • Demonstrable 3D real-time animation skills, showing a strong understanding of technical limitations and capabilities
  • Minimum of one published product within the Console, PC, VR or Mobile space

Why apply for this role?

Although this is a short contract it’s a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the very best talent in the industry! I can personally guarantee that this role will only add value to your CV and with their additional funding its highly likely there will be more work.

Interested? Contact Danny Blachford for more infomation on or phone +44 (0)1709 834777

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