Blog: Why you should be using a recruitment agency!


Recruitment agencies are a bit of an anomaly for most graduates. Students will go through university completely unaware of their existence, and then poof; they suddenly appear out of nowhere as soon as you leave university.

There’s a huge benefit to actively approaching and getting involved with a recruitment agency that you simply don’t get by applying directly to the company. Agencies, like Aardvark Swift, have strong working relationships with the companies we work with and can provide all sorts of services free of charge, from sprucing up your CV to negotiating the highest salary possible for you once you land your job!

So what exactly are all the benefits of using a recruitment agency?

An industry expert right in your pocket

When you first get in contact with a recruitment agency like Aardvark Swift, you’ll be assigned a dedicated consultant who’ll stick with you throughout the process. You’ll have a quick informal chat to get to know each other a bit better, but also so that your consultant can assess your skills, experience and preferred jobs.

As Aardvark Swift works in a niche sector, we’ve gained an academic-level of knowledge on the industries that we work in. What that means is that straight off the bat we’re able to provide tailored careers advice, proof-read and improve CVs, and give you fresh interview tips.

They’ll find you jobs and do all the tedious paperwork

Based on the chat you had with your consultant, they’ll be able to suggest any roles they’re currently working that they think you have a real chance of landing! They’ll do all the paperwork and, with your permission, submit you to any roles you’re excited about.

A recruitment agency fighting your corner is like a stamp of approval in the eyes of studios; they trust our judgement and know that we only put forward people who’re more than capable of doing the job!


You can read the full article over at our career zone!

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